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Senior Room

Room Capacity:  20         Age Ratio:  1:10         Age:  4 to 6 years


The rich classroom environment is a place where children are challenged to learn while making friends, developing self-confidence, and self-direction. Changes to the learning environment activities and projects reflect the children’s emerging interests.

Daily language experiences support literacy and language development. Mathematical reasoning and scientific thought is emphasized throughout the centers. 

The children use our private, outdoor backyard for gross motor activities and sensory activities. Outings to local parks and playgrounds and neighbourhood walks occur often, weather permitting.

Learning centers include:

    • Dramatic play – dress up clothes, puppets, dolls, kitchen area
    • Blocks – block accessories including cars, people, animals
    • Manipulative's – puzzles, lacing, pegs, legos
    • Sand/water play- funnels, sink and float objects, boats, pails
    • Library –multicultural books, big books, listening center
    • Science Area – discovery materials
    • Art – crayons, markers, easel painting, glue, stamps, collage material, clay
  • The Pre-school Program focuses on structure and developing autonomy, with an emphasis on cognitive learning such as number and letter recognition introduced through puzzles and games. These are rewarding experiences that help children develop greater independence and problem solving skills. The Pre-school Program provides a foundation for learning many new concepts and incorporates elements to promote sharing and talking. Teachers help children understand routines as well as social norms, which simultaneously prepares them for school

    Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule