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Junior Room

Room Capacity:  16         Age Ratio:  1:8         Age:  2.5 to 4 years

twos (FIG room)

Our 2’s program is designed for each child to transition from the sensory- motor world of toddlers to an increasingly social world. With the learning centers, the children will have the opportunity to move purposely, assert their independence and learn to communicate with their peers.

Teachers use their talent and expertise to design, adapt and invent learning centers that best serve the children in the room. Activities are open ended and emphasize process over product.

Our pre-school program has a basic foundation that teaches sharing and mutual respect, with an emphasis on helping them clearly express themselves. We also support growth through their involvement with others and on an individual basis. We offer a range of activities to stimulate a pre-schooler’s love of learning. Children are involved in music, art, drama, pretend play and creative movement exercises which all help them explore new things about themselves and their environment.

Learning centers include:

    • Dramatic play – kitchen area, dress up clothes, dolls, puppets
    • Table Toys/Manipulative's – pegs, table blocks, puzzles
    • Sand/water play – sand and water toys
    • Library – board books
    • Blocks – cars, people, animals
    • Art – crayons, washable markers, easel painting, stamps, collage material, play dough
  • The Pre-school Program focuses on structure and developing autonomy, with an emphasis on cognitive learning such as number and letter recognition introduced through puzzles and games. These are rewarding experiences that help children develop greater independence and problem solving skills. The Pre-school Program provides a foundation for learning many new concepts and incorporates elements to promote sharing and talking. Teachers help children understand routines as well as social norms, which simultaneously prepares them for school

    Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule