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Soufriere Kid’s Development Child Care Centre focuses on health and nutrition and provides the children with a healthy, nutritious and delicious lunch, morning and afternoon snacks. Our four-week menu is created with the Canadian Food Guide as a guide. We only provide the most recent study healthy products and meals ideas which are fun and that the children will enjoy eating.

Our menus are posted weekly for your viewing. We ask for your consideration by not allowing your child to bring food or snacks to the centre.

We are a peanut free and pork free environment, we ask all staff and parents to leave these products out of the center and that they are not eaten prior to entering the center. Due to peanuts being a highly allergenic food, we have learned that even small traces of peanut can be deadly to those people who are allergic.

Please advise us upon registration of any food restrictions/allergies your child may have, so that we can try to provide a menu to fit your child’s food intake.

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