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Room Capacity:  12         Age Ratio:  1:2         Age:  5 years


For students in English-only schools, Soufriere Kid’s Development Child Care Centre provides French after school program for continued opportunities to enhance their academic and communication skills in French

    • Social and emotional development
    • Physical development
    • Creative expression/aesthetic development
    • Cognitive development
    • Language and literacy
    • Mathematical thinking
    • Scientific thinking
    • Social studies
  • The stimulating classroom environment has challenging learning centers. Throughout the day, children make self-directed and guided choices, participate in small groups and projects, join in circle-times with the whole group and reflect upon and document their learning experiences.

    The children use our outdoor backyard, as well as local parks and playgrounds for daily gross motor activities. Bus trips to museums, pumpkin picking, and the zoo are scheduled throughout the school year.

    Our program is designed for each child to learn all the necessary skills and understanding to succeed in kindergarten.

    Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule